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To everyone at Phil's BBQ:

  My fire crew and I stopped in a couple times in late June. First off the food was amazing! But the service from Phil and Nancy was second to none! You guys made us feel like we were eating at home and made sure that we didn't leave hungry. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it more often, but rest assured that anytime I'm in the area I will make it a point to stop by, say hi and fill up on the best BBQ and sauce around! Thanks again, you were a highlight of our trip!

C.A. Rankin

Looking at your schedule I do not see any more times you will be up in Woodland Park, please tell me you will be back up here soon!!!
My wife and I moved here 1 year ago from Oklahoma. We have tried several BBQ places up here and in the Springs and have been really disappointed, so much so that the last BBQ we ordered we had shipped from Texas. We finally stopped in to your location here in Woodland Park this last weekend, got a lb of pulled pork and a lb of ribs to try, hoping for the best but expecting the worse. How wrong we were, and how upset we were knowing we could have been eating the best BBQ we have had. It seems the people up here like their BBQ boiled with sauce, not smoked low and slow. You guys know BBQ!!! Please tell me you will be back up here soon so I can get several lbs of pulled pork and ribs, so we can freeze some to get us through the winter.

Thank you,


I was traveling thru Colorado Springs last week with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and saw your sign for BBQ. We decided to stop, and we had one of the best meals of our entire vacation. Not only was the food some of the best BBQ I've ever had, but Phil and Nancy were so friendly. Since we're from Tucson, we don't get up to Colorado often, but we'll definitely look for you again.
Thanks for a great experience and your sweet potato fries are amazing!

 Barb Wesson

Hi Phil,        

Well, we are back in Florida after visiting Colorado Springs a few weeks ago and what do I miss most...your EXCELLENT BBQ. I travel throughout this great country of ours weekly and I am always in search of great BBQ ( TX, TN, GA, NC, SC, AL, MO, and most any other state known for BBQ). I have had my share of the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Well saying your BBQ is Good is one of the world's greatest understatements. I only got to sample the Pork Sandwich and BBQ Beans....both are the absolute best I have ever encountered!!! I had to go back two more times just for the beans as I sat in my car and ate the first serving...YUM!
Your combination of hickory and pecan wood give your pork and beans an intense, yet not overwhelming smoke BBQ sauce needed! Any true BBQ aficionado would be remiss if they do not make the point of stopping by and eating your the excellent company you and Nancy provide. On a scale of 1-10, I have to rate your BBQ a 12 !
 I look forward to my next trip to Colorado will not be centered on the Red Rocks, Pikes Peak, or the many other sites and will be centered on going through your entire menu.

Best Regards,
Dr. Robert P. (BBQ Aficionado at-Large)

Phil & Nancy -
I have been searching Colorado Springs for some years now (30 to be exact) for great barbeque.  I'm so happy that I found Phil's Pig-Out BBQ.  Now if I could just figure out when you guys are open!
Most BBQ that I find around town is partially cooked and partially smoked.  I appreciate the fact that your meat is fully smoked from start to finish.  A slab of ribs will easily serve four people - what a deal!  Your brisket sandwich is piled high.  Your pulled pork gives that great smoky flavor.  And your prices are as reasonable as anyone in town.
Keep on smokin' and producing your great offerings - thanks for what you do.
Geoff Campbell
Colorado Springs


My brother just had your BBQ and couldn't stop talking about it. We live in Florida so I would like to know if you have ever shipped out any of your cooking by overnight carrier. If you do I'd like to give it a try. Let me know.
Richard P.

Dear Nancy and Phil,
Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality you showed me and my business colleagues yesterday.
The brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, and spicy sausage (and the BBQ sauce!) were all absolutely DELICIOUS!  My only challenge is to figure out how to get out to Colorado Springs more often!
You are the best!
New Jersey 

That was THE BEST BBQ I have had since leaving Kansas City! The brisket, beans, potato salad, and coleslaw were absolutely wonderful!!

Phil and Nancy,

My wife and I were on a recent trip to Colorado Springs, and we were on a jeep tour that took us by your BBQ Stand. Our tour guide mentioned how good your food was and being from Kansas City, we felt the need to take up a challenge. So on our way back we indeed did stop to see just how good your BBQ is, and of course we were not disappointed as your meat and sauce were as good as any we have ever tasted. We look forward to being back to your lovely area and having some of the BEST barbeque in the country.


Rick and Tammy

Great BBQ!

Got your barbeque brisket sandwiches last week and they were awesome, we'll be back!!


Nancy and Phil...

On behalf of the entire McCarty family, we THANK YOU for our lunch and "visit" with you both. What a fun time we had, my 3 brothers-in-law, my nephew, my son and his friend, and my husband...we were staying in Manitou Springs...and just decided to walk down to "try out" that "bbq" spot with the pink pig!
Well, among the 8 of us...we tried almost everything.  And it was ALL good. The brisket was spectacular; the fresh homemade pies were awesome. I think, though, that most of all we just enjoyed the "visit" and the tour of your cooker/smoker and the great time just talking. Thank you again. Have a great fall.
You'll remember that my brother in law Mark was the one so very interested in your gave him the FULL tour. Thanks again...

 Katie McCarty...on behalf of Joe, Rich, Mark, Andrew, Tom, Michael J. and Michael L.


 Great job! Your BB-Q is hands down the best I have had. I don't fly. I drive everywhere I go for business or vacations, no matter the distance. In doing so I, like you, have stopped at many places to sample roadside BB-Q joints or large scale restaurants. Some great, some good and some not so good. However yours -- the best!. I like the fact you don't use heavy sauce which tends to smother the meat. Your meat is very well flavored and you can really taste the difference in the time you take to make it. At 265 lbs and six-foot tall, I know what I am talking about when it comes to food.

Thanks again for your great BB-Q.

Jason Caddick
Parts Manager Pikes Peak H-D

Phil and Nancy,

 Good to meet you at the BBQ Snackdown. I loved your BBQ. I will definitely be eating in your location tomorrow if you're there. Thanks and have a GREAT day.

 Jeff Lane



Dont now if you remember serving a family of 4 from Texas a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you now how much we enjoyed it. Cant wait until we get back that way to get some real good bbq.


Glen & Family in Texas